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Google Glass


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I realize this is not specifically sprint related, but there is a ton of technologically savvy people here who may be curious or be interested in a discussion about them.
So after however many months of waiting, I recently received an invitation to the google glass project.
After a lot of internal debate on spending that much money, I went ahead and ordered and received them last week.
Initial thoughts were they are decently light-weight and comfortable to wear, but battery life severely limits extended use without being plugged in.
It can probably be best explained as a bluetooth connected extension of your phone, where you can take/receive voice/video calls, texts/email, search, get driving/walking directions, etc.
There is a camera button where you can quickly take pictures or short videos, and while facebook sharing is apparently recently broken, you can send to google+ or some contacts.
I will save further impressions for another post, but if you have any questions or comments feel free to chime in.

I also have been sent an extra invitation which will expire soon, so if you have $1500+tax and accessories ready to plink down and are interested in being in the glass program, feel free to PM me.




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There is nothing guaranteed about that, no.


However google did let the original google glass user swap for the current 2nd gen device, or optionally they could keep them if they wanted but not given an extra v2.


So while it is possible google may allow trade up to a retail version at some point in the future, its also just as possible they won't.

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