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2 towers 2 different ALU equipment

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Hi 2 towers in my town both just got upgraded the live one which is live with lte has the rru and 1 long antenna looking piece. Other tower has same thing but on the left and right of the antenna looking piece there are smaller antenna pieces the connect to the big middle antenna. This tower is not yet live what could this tower be getting 800 service I was at the first tower when then brought the items up the tower and I didn't see the two smaller antenna at that build sorry don't have a camera so can't get a pic?



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Hi everyone, one of my towers were I live seems to have Samsung and Alcatel equipment on it. Can anyone confirm this, this is in Riverside area, Zip code 92236. The black circled ones are new and have one rru each and I belive are band 41 antennas because they look like the ones from the Samsung lte band 41 forum topic. The one in green is still being built in the pic but they finished 5 days ago and are alcatel with 2 rru's, so far this is the only tower I know that has this build, it it divided into 3 sectors and the ones pointing at Coachella, Ca are the Samsung look a likes the other to point towards Mecca, Ca and Thermal, ca and are alcatel antennas. Also on the green circle a legacy antenna is covering the nv antenna, incase there is any confusion and all legacy antennas are off and the tower is 3g accepted.


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