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865-6696 supposedly the nsa is calling iphone users on sprint


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It's a bug between the Sprint Network and iOS unknown and private calls spell the words out numerically. Apparently other Sprint phones don't do this and iPhones on other carriers don't. I only glanced at it, but I believe the solution was to educate reps to tell customers that they are calls from private and unknown numbers..

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And watch out for any calls from 867-5309.



it even says that in the article at the bottom.


"Bottom line? If you receive a call from 865-6696, don't answer it. Far better to call 867-5309 and ask for Jenny. (Nod to an 80's rock song, if you're curious...)

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042598_Sprint_iPhone_4_865-6696.html##ixzz2ieQYoJmo "


That MUST mean AJ is the one installing these "digital payloads" through the 'back door' of your lock screen keypads that are hackable in iOS 6.1 OMG!!!1!!1one

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