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iPhone 5S signal strength in dBm


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I just got my 5S today. My 4S was jailbroken, and I had my signal strength shown in dBm. This seems to have automatically carried over to my 5S without me having to do anything, other than restore from the 4S' iCloud backup.


Say I do a clean restore, is there a way to get this back? I've searched, but it seems people are having trouble getting the numerical signal strength to 'stick' on iOS 7.

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Once in field test screen, you hold down the power button until the slider comes up to power off the phone.  Then you hold down the home button for 5-10 secs, the screen will flash.  Release the home button immediately and press it one more time to exit out of field test mode. 


If it goes back to the dots instead of the dbm number, turn your phone off and back on again.  Re-do the same procedure above and it should work. 


Only problem I have had is it only last for say 30 mins, then it automatically goes go to the dots/bars for reception with iOS7??  In iOS6, it would always stay in dbm format.

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Go into the phone app & dial *3001#12345#*


When you get into this hold down the lock button until the power down slider appears , when it does let go of lock button & hold down on the home button for a while , the screen will then flash & send you back to the home screen. Ur -dBm should be displayed instead of the dots.


If it doesn't work the first time just do it again.



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