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Two-sector Sites and 800 1x/LTE Signal

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How much does getting 800 service on two-sector sites improve the width of the coverage area?  I'm thinking of two-sector sites along highways where 1900 service is good on the highways but poor or not usable in the towns right next to the highways. 

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How much does getting 800 service on two-sector sites improve the width of the coverage area? I'm thinking of two-sector sites along highways where 1900 service is good on the highways but poor or not usable in the towns right next to the highways.

If the install narrow beam NV antennas, then it will only help slightly. If they replace with normal beam width antennas, it could be quite an improvement. There are a couple two sector sites here in New Mexico that they have upgraded to three sector sites in Network Vision. Hopefully they will do that with yours too.


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I hope to find out an answer to this soon. I visit Wamego KS every once in a while because of family there and the serving site there is just two sector. Coverage on 1900 is poor. I'm hoping CDMA 1X 800 makes a big difference.


So far from what I've seen, it should.

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    • August update finally arrived for S22+ unlocked tonight 👍
    • You also snagged a shot of the new oDAS in there, too.    I also spotted one while on LIRR above Atlantic Ave. They’re starting to really get rolled out now.
    • I have added T-Mobile eNB 879366, a Sprint convert site, to the list of gig+ sites, as I was able to break the 800 Mbps ceiling with it. I'm still trying to understand the DAS mess at LGA and locate them, but the bad thing about it is inside the terminals I can occasionally pick up the macros inside. It anchors 5G, which is great for a speed boost, but occasionally data hangs because my device is having a handoff frenzy trying to pick the best macro and/or band for the 5G connection.   I have spotted 2 more Dish sites, one on the corner of Church Avenue and East 16th (photo below), and the other is an in progress site co-located with Verizon eNB 81069.   At Verizon eNB 81069, the ports on the Dish panel weren't connected yet, brand new racks were being used on the roof Verizon is on, and it looks like Sprint's equip is still up on the building next door.
    • Neat!  Thanks.  Most of my issues at the moment are from inexperience.  I've never used AT commands and I'm bad at Python.  I'm not really sure what the best way is to send AT commands to the modem; socat seems to work, and there are Python libraries that should do it, but I don't really know what I'm doing.  - Trip
    • If you need any assistance, firmware or drivers with the radio; I am involved in Quectel's US based sales and field application engineer programs. I am working on the x62 reference RM520/N right now. They are a really fun product to work with.  
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