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Sprint vs AT&T vs T-Mobile LTE via Sensorly

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Hey Rukin, where'd you get the idea for this thread;)  Speaking of which, would people have interest in me doing those comparison maps (ATT only/Sprint only) every week or two?  That post seemed to get a lot of likes so I could keep doing it if people want.  Also let me know if you want any other carriers compared. 



No, no, and no!  Why do people keep saying this?  Gray is NO SIGNAL.  Sprint probably has better highway coverage than AT&T.  You can drive from Kalamazoo to Traverse City, MI and have LTE 95% of the trip on Sprint.  You can go from Salina, KA to Corpus Christi, TX and have the same result (850 miles btw).  These are obviously cherry-picked examples, but AT&T doesn't have anything like that. 


Look at a map WITHOUT the gray and tell me where do you see highway coverage for AT&T?  I can count maybe a dozen highway-only towers in the country that provide rural highway coverage for AT&T.  They do have a couple more thin lines on sensorly, simply because Sprint's highway coverage also extends (or is simply better mapped) AROUND the highway, making the thin line into a blob instead. 


Gray removed:








Uploaded with ImageShack.us



EDIT: And on a related note, in my interpretation the sheer amount of gray on the AT&T map suggests a lot more people are mapping for AT&T than most of you assume.  Certainly Sprint has more mappers, and especially within cities mapping the entire coverage of individual towers, but you can't deny AT&T must have some very avid mappers to turn that much highway gray. 




rf40928 says:


My fault for being vague.  ATT covers most places lacking LTE, with HPSA+ which is about as fast as Sprint LTE.  I'm sticking with Sprint because I feel in another year they'll be dealing an entirely new deck of cards + Unlimited data !


Just for those reading who may want to argue that HPSA+ isn't REAL 4G ....the marketing of LTE, HPSA+, Wi-Max as 4G is nothing more then marketing ( as many of you may already know )..


In Fact, The ITU ( who set the standard for 2G, 3G, and set the standard for 4G - about three years ago ) says True 4th Generation Cellular technology must be able to hit 100 Mb/s download .. by this definition which the ITU is the authority at defining - only two technologies, “LTE-Advanced” and “WirelessMAN-Advanced" would be REAL 4G Cell tech.. The ITU later "softened" it's position saying LTE, Wi-max, HPSA+ could be considered forerunners to 4G technology.. Going on this they are more like 3.5G


Many links exist, but here's one covering existing technologies being marketed as 4G



ITU sets standard for 4G:


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