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Cool looking cell towers


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People complain to much about how they look! I like towers monopoles are the best looking.  There is a tree one two towns over looks nice but its like 100 ft over tree lines so you know what it is lol.  Good find though

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The tower by me is a truss-style tower and it was put up just a few years ago..probably the tallest tower in my area cause you can see it towering over everything from 3 to 4 miles away and I can look at it from my bedroom window but is a good 3/4 mile from my home.

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The Cactus and flagpole seems to be the best disguise for the cell towers. The others are hit or miss. We have 3 flagpoles around here, all are owned by T-Mobile. Before I got into the cellphone thing I actually believed they were just flagpoles... (I also didn't pay much attention either) They do have the densest coverage here because of their use of those flagpoles, since they had no problem putting them right in neighborhoods. 

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