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Phones in Extreme Conditions


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This isn't a topic that gets covered much, but I think it's well worth mentioning since many of us live in areas that are scorching hot, freezing cold, or so humid you could swim to your car.

Please post your experiences with how your smartphone fairs in harsh conditions.  If you come across any articles or real world tests, this would be a great place to post them as well.

Who knows, maybe the data we accumulate here will help someone with their next phone purchase? 

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I remember that my old HTC Hero held its own in 9 degree weather when I went skiing in Ohio.  Don't remember seeing any adverse symptoms of the harsh cold.

Below is an article showing how many other phones fair in cold conditions.  iPhones seemingly didn't do so well, while the Samsung GSII was a champ.


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I remember that my old HTC Hero held its own in 9 degree weather when I went skiing in Ohio. Don't remember seeing any adverse symptoms of the harsh cold.



Below is an article showing how many other phones fair in cold conditions. iPhones seemingly didn't do so well, while the Samsung GSII was a champ.



My wife left her OG EVO in the car at -20°F overnight. The next day when she realized her error, she brought it in the house and allowed it to warm up before turning on. All worked well except she lost a few dozen pixels in her display. They stayed a constant yellow color. Probably burst a few cells from the extreme cold.


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I know my iPhone isn't doing too well in the heat the last few days. I've been using it without a case or with my Otterbox Defender. I ordered a Boxwave ColorSplash for it last night from Amazon. Lets see how it fares with this. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0006ZLBU2/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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My old Evo LTE would give a warning/error message when trying to take a picture in extremely cold conditions. I am not sure what the temp cut off is, but at a predetermined temp the phone gave a pop up saying it was to cold to take a picture.


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My lg optimus g is really hating the humidity this summer... after about 20 mins of streaming Pandora I have to shut it off and place it either in front of ac or in front of fan with a ace gel pack under it ... then after about ten minutes its good to go ...


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My OG EVO has survived quite a bit of water penetration as well as extreme humidity, but I will note that the rear housing, display, and digitizer are all aftermarket parts.  ;)

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My OG evo survived being left in the car a few times when it was -10 as well as 95 and in direct sunlight a few times. It was on, on every occasion. Still runs like a champ to this day. Other than the battery not lasting like it use to.


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