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    • Given the fact that Virgin has access to Extended Coverage ever since it's Inner Circle plan still now with it's current one at least according to customer service. Shouldn't Virgin be using PRL 55070 like it was with Inner Circle or is 7080 correct? I feel like there's an issue that isn't being paid attention too. Does PRL 7080 have the necessary stuff to make the device roam on Sprints extended partners.
    • MB3 already has the hardware and software that basically make it most of the way there. Hopefully the software makes it eventually.
    • Hey Mike,  would it be possible to change SCP to identify AT&T B14 by EARFCN vs GCI pattern? After doing some analysis on my log, looking the the B14 thread on Howard Forums and the netmapper map it appears to wildly vary by market what AT&T used for B14 sectors. The EARFCN should be consistent across the country. This would keep you from having to set several different patterns for B14.  Here is what I found: Louisville KY, Lexington KY, and Nashville TN use BF-C4 Louisiana, Ohio, Texas - D7-D9 Alabama - C4-C6 some of California, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Vermont, Washington St,: AB-AD New York, New Jersey - D2-D3 Chicago & Northern Indiana, 2B- 2D Oklahoma and Missouri - D4-D6 Some California - C2- C5 I've also noticed that in NYC the B2 2nd carrier is AB-AD, which is the same as my B4 2nd carrier here in Louisville and the same as B14 in several markets. 
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