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    • NO!! The address for Walmart is 41301 US-280, Sylacauga, AL 35150
    • the Wal-Mart address comes up as invalid too, right?
    • VoLTE works surprisingly well on an unsupported device at the moment. I've forced it on the Pixel 3 XL, which Sprint insists is not possible, and it works great. It ignores all the per eNB enable/disable settings that Sprint broadcasts, so it's working on magic boxes and in theory unlaunched markets. I tested the QoS on it today in a rush hour subway station where Hangouts messages were taking 30-60+ seconds to send due to congestion, and it worked flawlessly. Honestly, I think whatever weird/non-standard(?) thing Sprint is doing to enable/disable it on a per eNB level is causing a lot of stability problems with supported devices, where it turns off and won't go back on, etc. Once that is overridden, it works really well, at least if you're in an area without 3G drops Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
    • Looks like a Nokia Massive MIMO unit! How are speeds around that area now?
    • I can't bring myself to do it...I'm skeered!! I don't understand what's going on...however, maybe it's a good thing that Justin last emailed me 2 days ago saying that "I'm sorry, after meeting with my team, it has been discovered that MB is no longer going to work in your location..." Paraphrasing here..but that's pretty much what he said to me. Then, I conducted my test .....by going to Walmart with my inverter and MB Gold edition... Once I saw that the MB connected and was finally working as it should, I unplugged and came home with it..and put the Gold in place of the Demo Acct magic box..which is where it's at right now and working normally. I took some pics while at Wal-mart of the box connected to the relay, then broadcasting b41 like it should..and also saved my GPS coordinates in a longitude/latitude format...and when I got to my PC at home, I pieced together the photos of the mb, the GPS coordinates, and sent Justin an email saying that I hated to hear about the boxes no longer working..but that I have been using magic boxes flawlessly for over a year (since launch/inception) and never an issue. So it really was bad news for us to hear we can no longer use it after great service for the past 1 year +++.  I haven't heard back yet. I hope that's a sign that he took what I said and isn't going to just chalk it up to listening to GIS software... This area should be fine for MB use...and I hope they discover what is causing this entire central AL area to show up as unavail to use magic box in the address tester. I don't know exactly how much area it is but EVERY single address that I've entered in the magic box address site says unavailable. That CANNOT be right...especially with all the bandwidth that Sprint has in this area... CAVEAT: At launch, this area was PERFECTLY APPROVED for a magic box. SOMETHING has changed in their GIS mapping software or location data..not sure what. But my kids raced through their roaming data in 1 week without the magic box being on...it's really starting to bite...
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