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Question about roaming?

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Alright so my parents and I decided to go to Branson this week. I have an Evo LTE and my prl is 25015 and sprints coverage map has roaming coverage showing on their map going from Conway, AR along Hwy 65 all the way up to Branson. Well for some odd reason my phone wasn't picking up any roaming. Now my moms iPhone 4S was roaming the whole way, no problem. And it was Roaming on VZW 3g. I know it was roaming on VZW because whenever I made a call and didnt put the area code it would something like welcome to VZW the call can not be completed as dialed. What im wondering is how come my phone was left in the dark? Also I can roam on Cricket or at least I think im roaming on Cricket here in LR. But my phone wont let me connect to VZW at all to roam. Even where it shows im supposed to be able to on sprints coverage maps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  



Forgot to Mention the iPhone doesn't just roam on VZW it only does if it theres no sprint or cricket service. But my phone just searches and connects to cricket if I dont have native coverage. 

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Check your roaming settings.  In recent Sprint variant Android builds, you must opt in for roaming.



I mean I can roam its just on cricket. If I don't have Sprint service and Cricket service to back me up, then there isn't any service on my phone it'll just show the x by the singal bars. But the iPhone did Cricket as priority after no sprint coverage and if no cricket service it roam on VZW. So im just curious why my phone isn't picking up VZW at all? 

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VZW in Arkansas is primarily Cellular 850 MHz because of the Alltel merger, while Cricket is exclusively PCS 1900 MHz. Have you done any tweaking or flashing to your handset?



Well I think I've might of been did something awhile ago in the *#*#4636#*#* menu with the bands. But I can't remember what I did. So last night I was curious and looking in the menus again and ended up putting my phone on cellular 800 band. And then It was a pain to put back to pcs 1900. Since every time I tried my phone would reboot and still be where it left off. Then I put my phone in airplane mode and tried switching it again. Then thank god I was back on pcs 1900. Since It was no longer showing the roaming symbol.  Then reading some more on here and I think that might be my issue. I just don't know how to reset my phone or whatever. 

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Uh oh...  see that one before.  Only way I could get it back was after doing a RUU total reflash to stock and full factory reset with reprovision.  There's no way to set it back to Auto that I could find. 

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Well darn. There isn't a 3.16 ruu yet. So I guess not even reinstalling mean bean and then reprovisoning it would help. Also thanks for all the help.


Really? No in-the-wild 3.16 RUU? That honestly surprises me. Usually those are available within days of a release, and well before Retail Triage laptops are loaded with it (delayed in case issues arise shortly after release).

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