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Hello from Minnesota!


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Hi all,


frequent reader after I discovered this place a few weeks ago.

Thought I'd finally join now and share some pictures I snapped of a local tower right off HWY 36 & Hamline - not far from the Rosedale mall in Roseville, MN.


It seems like you have to travel no more than 10 minutes outside of the Roseville area and you can pick up LTE, otherwise still rollin' on 3G here :(

REALLY hoping that changes soon. 


Anyways, here's the pictures. 

Happy Memorial day.




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Welcome to S4GRU! Hope to see you around the forums.


Robert via Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 4 Beta



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Got a notification today from sprint zone saying the faster network is coming to my area, I hope it holds true!!

 We know it's true because they have been deploying NV in Minnesota for months now.


I've gotten LTE while in Roseville, but it was from a tower in St. Paul.  

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