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HTC admits Sense is too busy!


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I agree with this one. When I had my Hero (before I rooted it to CM7) it had I believed Sense 2.0. For me that was just right. It had just enough widgets to keep it interesting although for the Hero, that was still too much for the phone to handle.


With Sense 3.0 & 4.0 it became too burdensome. I helped a friend reset his phone who had a newer model on Verizon. The new versions of Sense was just overwhelming and I could see why phones needed so much RAM and became bogged down.


I think this is a step in the right direction for HTC. I'll take one for a test ride when the new EVO or One X comes out. Who knows, I may become a fan again.





HTC admits Sense UI “got cluttered"


HTC’s hallmark Sense UI skin has been what seemed to be the secret sauce behing the company’s tremendous growth in early to mid 2011. But later in the year sales came in as the cold shower - suddenly HTC devices sales slumped. With a renewed focus on less but better, HTC made a comeback with the One series.

Now, Kouji Kodera, HTC's chief product officer, admits part of the reason could have been Sense. While initially loved for its large clock and simplicity, HTC Sense UI got cluttered over time.

"There where too many things in there," Kodera said for Pocket-lint. "Even on the home screen we had four or five icons before consumers got a chance to add things themselves. For the HTC One range we have taken it down to Sense 2.0 again."

Now, that’s an interesting admission. We’ve always been hesitant about Android skins as their benefit is often only visual, but comes at the price of performance. Turns out that applies to Sense UI as well, which is definitely one of the heavier skins around.


"From the original Sense up to Sense 3.5 we added too many things. The original concept was that it had to be simple and it had to be easy to use and we had that philosophy, but over time it got cluttered. What we've done right now is a good mixture of keeping Sense and Google's Ice Cream Sandwich element in a good balance. We haven't tried to change everything here. We have kept a lot of the ICS element but still added the Sense favour on top of it."

HTC announced its HTC One series, led by the One X - an elegant thin device with a huge 4.7-inch display. Then, there’s the slightly affordable HTC One S and the One V aimed at regional US carriers.

"These are the key focus products for this year. You will start hearing less from us as we are going to be focusing on less number of products," Kodera concluded.

Now, we can only salute HTC for refocusing on quality. Do you think they’ve hit the right balance between quality and quantity with the One series?

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Yeah sense is a little too cluttered, its a memory hog, and runs slow from time to time. Plus all the bloat ware that comes installed by the carriers. I had to root my phone too get decent battery life. Hopefully this new sense is better because I've been leaning towards Samsung for my next device.

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It's supposedly going to resemble the 2.0 version. If I remember correctly, it had a decent amount of options for customization but didn't go over the top. If this is the case, it should run well on today's devices.

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Here's an article detailing HTC's new line-up and what it did to reconfigure Sense. A good article. I hope HTC has found its way again.


The "stripped down" experience in Sense 4 means that HTC has a much cleaner, simpler look, especially on the home screen. The dock is now a straight row of four customizable icons which are simply mirrored on the lock screen, animations have been cut radically back, and many of the annoying quirks like contact matching have been streamlined and simplified.



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I think the One series will have a permanent battery. Although it allows a more powerful battery and design enhancement, I'm still not sold on the lack of a battery pull to do a soft reset when Android gets buggy. It does seem to be the new low profile trend from the oEM's

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