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We will only be accepting PayPal. You can use credit card via PayPal without even needing to start a PayPal account. So we essentially accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. And if you have a PayPal account you can pay via your checking account or debit card. That's a lot of options.


The only other option is you can mail me a personal check via US Mail. We have had a couple of members do this.


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It also remains possible that paypal will accept bitcoin in the near future.




"I think that for us at PayPal, it’s just a question whether Bitcoin will make its way to PayPal’s funding instrument or not. We’re kinda thinking about it."

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    • By S4GRU
      S4GRU Membership Groups

      S4GRU Sponsor. For members who donate money through PayPal to S4GRU to help fund the costs of Sprint 4G Rollout Updates, you get the S4GRU Sponsor title for six months from your last donation.
      S4GRU Sponsors get:
      Access to the S4GRU Sponsors Forum (contents subject to change) Allow profile customizations Larger profile photos (up to 250x250) Can edit forum posts up to six hours after posting (incognito) No limitations on auto signatures Not subject to flood control timeouts Store up to 250 Private Messages No daily limit on Private Messages Up to 10 People allowed in a Personal Message Can view who gave you reputation points Unlimited inline notifications S4GRU Premier Sponsor. S4GRU Sponsors who donate $100 or more in total, get to keep the title indefinitely and you also get in addition to the benefits of the S4GRU Sponsor above:
      Access to the S4GRU Premier Sponsor Forum (contents subject to change) Bypass word filters Can post HTML in posts No limit to number of people allowed in a Personal Message Unlimited PM storage Allow attachments in PM's Allow unlimited amounts of reputation points to be given Larger profile photos (up to 250x400) Can edit forum posts at any time (incognito) Can soft delete own posts Avoids any moderation queues NOTE: You can CLICK HERE to make a donation or go to the Main Forums page, and click on the Donate button at the upper right hand corner.

      ANOTHER NOTE: For a speedier upgrade, please put your S4GRU screen name in the comments section of your PayPal donation.

      After donation: Most donations result in an automatic upgrade within minutes. If you click on your profile and see that your Group now says S4GRU Sponsor or Premier Sponsor, then your account upgrade has taken effect. 90% of accounts are upgraded very quickly. Sometimes I am out of cell range and cannot sign in to upgrade your account, this may result in a delay for a few hours. Once your account is upgraded, you no longer need a password to access Sponsor forums, but you may have to sign out and back in, depending on your browser and its settings.
    • By Andrew Revering
      I'm REALLY frustrated trying to figure out how to become a premiere sponsor. I assume this means a certain dollar amount of donation... I already donated a couple times for the 'basic' sponsorship, but would LOVE to be a premiere sponsor...yet I can't find anything on how much I need to donate to do it. Having to jump through such hoops to donate money makes it really easy for me to just want to give up and move on to something else.
      I'm sure the info is here somewhere, but a search of the forums turned up nothing, and I can't seem to find an email address to contact the admins to send a question, which would also be useful.
      This seems to me to be a HUGE hole and likely throwing away a lot of money by not making this information easily accessible. You'd get a lot more donating members if you maybe put a couple notes below the donation button so people have an idea of what they need to donate to get to x access level, or a link to a page that says if you donate this you get this.
      With that suggestion in place.... what's the answer? :-)
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