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LS2 looking at making Donahue new CEO

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If you people have a long memory, Donohue was the CEO of Nextel and had experience with dealing with Washington. he was successful in getting spectrum issues resolved so Nextel could operate it's network. What to you think. Could he make things happen? Or is this part of the long goodbye for LightSquared?




Report: LightSquared eyes former Nextel chief Donahue for CEO spot

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If they could, that would be pulling a rabbit out of a hat. There is talk of a swap of spectrum with DoD, but I don't have the specifics or a timeline. The FCC doesn't seem to need to speed this along although it would be helpful for both LS2 and Sprint. I think Sprint was depending on LS2's payments to host its network and build out NV a little more than they let on.

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I'm more negative on LightSquared that the Sprint Haters are on Sprint, if that's even possible.


That should go on your resume, that is impressive


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LightSquared should try a "Hail Mary pass" by offering to relinquish its L band ATC pursuit, to continue its L band satellite operations (e.g. precision GPS augmentation), to build out with its own private funds the Upper 700 MHz D block + Public Safety broadband 10 MHz x 10 MHz nationwide allotment, to share that capacity with priority access given to public safety, and to stick to its original plan to sell wholesale access to the remaining capacity.


Otherwise, I foresee several problems with the political decision to deed the Upper 700 MHz D block directly to public safety.


One, funding for the construction of the public safety network is I believe predicated on the windfalls from future spectrum auctions, which may or may not occur -- or not occur in a timely fashion. LightSquared could obviate the need for any public funds for network build out.


Two, even if the public safety build out has the backing of ample public funds, expect delays and slowdowns that would not occur in the construction of a commercial wireless network. In short, LightSquared could build the network faster, especially as it would likely once again ride shotgun on the Sprint Network Vision platform.


Three, 10 MHz x 10 MHz LTE is far more capacity than public safety alone requires. Just wait for the news story about the police officer who uses the public safety LTE network to download 100 GB of pr0n to the laptop in his cruiser. Instead of giving public safety so much broadband capacity that human nature will attempt to fill it with unauthorized uses, LightSquared could share the broadband wealth with wireless carriers and subs who need greater capacity.



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