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Connect to 3G but not connected to the Internet?


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So just today on my iPhone my 3G went all haywire, it will connect but it won't let me do anything on it, LTE works, calls work, it's just the 3G that doesn't, I will check back after I test if 1x works for data still, also 3G works when I hard reset the phone but only for a short while, moved around the city to make sure its not the cell tower, and 3G still doesn't work. I can't dial ##873283# though, just says update failed.... Help? :/ I'm jailbroken with but I haven't modified anything today and it was working on previous days/

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sounds like they are working on 3g in your area. it's probably not your phone. Don't freak out, just give it a day or 2 and/or open a ticket with sprint.

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