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PRL 25014?


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2 PRL questions:


1. My local GS3's both have PRL 25014. (I have another one that currently lives in Milwaukee, where the following questions are currently irrelevant.)  Is there any practical way to "urge" the GS3 to lock onto 800SMR where available?  All the cells in my area have been upgraded to 800 except for one, which is (of course) the closest to me (I have verified this with Signal Check Pro).  I get better voice/text when my GS3 is on 800SMR, but (as explained in Digiblur's Wall posts on PRLs [Thank you!]), once my phone locks onto 1900PCS, it tends to stay there, even when I move into an area where 800 is stronger.


2. One of my GS3's never seems to find 800SMR at all, and sometimes suffers from poor voice connections. Again, both phones are on PRL 25014. At times, I have placed both phones within inches of each other, and checked the connections with Signal Check:  One will often be 1x800, the second will always be1xRTT.  I have tried airplane mode on/off and rebooting, but the silly thing just blissfully stays locked on 1900. Can anyone explain this, or offer a suggestion to improve it? 

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Currently in the latest PRLs for the S3, 800SMR is scanned first then PCS is scanned.  They are on the same priority level, meaning when connected to PCS your phone will not aggressively scan for anything else since the device is satisfied the scan requirement since it is already at the highest level of priority.  Periodically the device may rescan and find 800SMR though when the baseband is idle. 


The only way to make it prefer 800SMR is to flash a custom PRL with 800SMR set at a higher priority.  Now why you are seeing the differences on the two devices I can not answer without seeing both devices, it could even be a defect of one device if it never seems to use 800SMR. 


A PRL scan has nothing to do with signal strengths, it will not choose a different network based on signal strength.

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