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Does it matter where i go to upgrade??


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Nice thread.


In my experience, not much except price and service.

Best Buy (if you have their rewards program)

Radio Shack has in the past given me good deals,

Local or Corp sprint store has been the most one I've used to upgrade.


Then you get into the part of returning/trade in your older phone (if you decide to go that route)

See this for info. (A bit older date wise, but the info should be fine).




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You may want to check amazon or wirefly also to get a better price depending on the phone. They charge an extra etf if you cancel service within the next 6 months, so only use then if you will be keeping sprint for at least 6 months from upgrade.


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Yes, in my experience, Amazon always has better pricing than anyone else, including Sprint telesales. For instance, I got my Sprint Galaxy S2 from Amazon at $99 back in the day when everyone else (literally, everyone) was still charging $199 on a renewed two year contract. I told a guy in a local Atlanta Sprint store a few days later about my Amazon deal and he refused to believe me. I simply smiled and walked out of the store, knowing I'd received as a decent a "deal" as I was going to get. Go Amazon!

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I know that around here, a lot of Sprint stores will pricematch other retailers - including online ones... but only for new-line or add-a-line pricing. If you're upgrading, they usually don't care.

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Best Buy at least doesn't add their own ETF. Their current promotion gives you 10% off and 1000 bonus RZ points (= $20 in RZ bucks). And if you signed up back in February (you might have done and forgot) they had a promotion where if you signed up you'd get a $50 gift card for upgrades between February and December 31, which should stack on the current promotion.

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And if you signed up back in February (you might have done and forgot) they had a promotion where if you signed up you'd get a $50 gift card for upgrades between February and December 31, which should stack on the current promotion.


OMG! I totally forgot abt that! Thank you for reminding me! :D Cant wait to go to BB store and buy SGS4 this month!

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I got my GS3 at Wal-Mart because they had the best upgrade deal at the time, even compared to Amazon and Wirefly. Got my daughters iPhones at Best Buy Mobile. And I've upgraded at Sprint Stores in the past. Didn't really seem to make a difference, just depends on who has the best price. With Wal-Mart, not all stores carry Sprint. Some around here are Verizon or AT&T or some combination.


I will say this about the Sprint store, if you have anything out of the ordinary or whatever, I think that's the place to go. When we moving out to the boondocks with no cable or DSL, I had been looking for some time at data card plans and Sprint had unlimited. By the time I was finally about to purchase Sprint switched their pricing to the 5GB plan (I think that was it at the time). I stopped by a Sprint store to ask about it and the sales rep still found the unlimited plan in the system so I signed up immediately. Still on that today. Not so sure I would have been as lucky at a non-Sprint retail store.

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