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cheap feature phone needed


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Anyone know where I can get a cheap feature phone off contract, or if any of you have an old one for sale in decent shape? I need a handset with parental controls to lock out data (for international phone/sms use only). I have a LG Remarq that does great, need another phone like it. Ebay/craigslist have been unhelpful the past few weeks.


Shoulda kept my old Sanyo flips....



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Ting's got a refurb Samsung M370 for $38, not sure if that would fit the bill. I would think you could activate it on sprint just fine if you wanted. Not the best for messaging, but you mentioned the old sanyo flips.


Of course, you can find cheap androids like the optimus S for < $50 as well, i'd think android has some decent parental controls (never looked though to be honest).

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I'll check that out, thanks. I'm hesitant towards android/smart phones since these two lines both had android phones (evo shift and samsung transform) with data roaming turned off but they still incurred international data charges. The only way to be sure is to get one with parental controls that can lock data access but still allow voice/sms.

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