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Qualcomm Pico cells

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Snazzy music but this stuff is really cool.


With TD-LTE and picos it seams Sprint has the tools to keep unlimited alive.


They will always have the tools to keep unlimited alive, but if they start having a network that will draw people in, they might try and increase prices to take advantage of this and make profit (which they haven't done in a while)... I would like to see them keep unlimited, but its all psychology. Few consumers really need unlimited, or even a very high gigabyte limit, and would pay for it if they really needed it. I have seen so many people that have unlimited plans with verizon and are upset that they had to give up their unlimited data when upgrading, but they use less than 1GB/mo... So its just worrying that they will go over, not that they would ever really need more than X amount/ month. If sprint put a high limit like say 10GB/mo than throttled down to 3G speeds, most people would never even get close, but it would eliminate the highest usage customers. They could still offer a fully unlimited plan, just not unlimited data on the lower tiers.


Back on topic for the thread, these pico cells are interesting, but would likely only be used in dense urban areas... which will hopefully be covered by Clearwire TDD-LTE at ~100Mb/s. I love the idea of the pico cells for high usage areas or low signal areas, but I am more interested in expanded coverage that will come with LTE on 800MHz. I have many areas in the country that I drop calls, or I cannot get service in a house. This is more important to me, but I know there are many more people that will be affected by the pico cells.


I also remember some people saying that large housing communities were having problems because there were no towers close by and no way to put them closer because of zoning and land being privately owned. Here I would hope that these pico cells could be deployed and make these areas much better.

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