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Do brick walls interfere with signal?

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Well. I had to walk home from work! YAY go me, crappy weather in Ft wayne atm. But anyways, I was walking into the entrance of my appt. complex. I noticed i had 3-full bars?! I've NEVER had such great service in here. So I looked at the engineering screen the whole time i walked home. TO look at the rsrp. It was in the High 90's to low 90's. THE whole time, then i walked between to brick walls that are 20 ft high. And All the sudden it went from 89 RSRP to 115?! And Almost lost service, and then i walked through it and it went to mid 90's and infront of my house I got 4-5 bars. And I walked in side and Now I've got 114-119 RSRP.. So I'm going to take a WILD guess that brick destroys your signal? :'(

and I i took one download test and got 12 MB outside lolz. But hardly 1MB inside

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The brownstone I currently live in was built in 1899, but my signal is great. Until I enter the middle of the house. It drops to 1 bar, but my speeds are about 800kbps-1mbps. I think my tower got upgraded back haul without being NV upgraded.

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I have low-E glass + bricks from 1935 + plaster.


It's hilarious. I can go from having 10mbit of 4G until I close the window, then nada.


I used to be a big proponent of Lo-E glass and talked a lot of people into putting it into high end homes and commercial buildings until I understood what it did to RF signals. I have had one school here in New Mexico upgrade to Lo-E intentionally to keep the kids off their phones during class.


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Geez, who wants massive heating/cooling bills from crappy windows? A single pane window transmits more heat than an entire insulated wall... Often more than two exterior walls *and* the ceiling combined.


Anyway my problem is I live in the only part of the city not completely flat so I'm slightly low-lying; in the winter I get a full bar more signal due to no tree leaves between me and the tower. I have no intention of cutting down my trees however.




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We put up tint that keeps heat out and functions like low-e without the signal blocking effects that low-e produces. We even have ceramic films that block heat but not signals.


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One of the buildings I work in for our company has really serious metal shielding inside it since there used to be a dentists office on the ground floor to accommodate for the fact he had an x-ray machine and they didn't want to irradiate employees in the neighboring businesses. We've got wifi access points all over that building and that shielding for the radiation works great to block wifi send/receive I'll tell you. It's amazing what will block signals.

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