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FCC is going to require signal boosters to be registered with carriers?

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So apparently the FCC just issued a ruling that on top of setting standards for boosters it also requires that they be OK'ed by the carriers.




Also allowed more bandwith on 5GHz for WIFI.


Any thoughts?

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There is a thread about this posted yesterday. I'd post the link, but I'm mobile at the moment. Thread closed.


Robert via Nexus 7 with Tapatalk HD

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    • If your on an LTE device that’s correct but on a 5g device it doesn’t really matter both will be on the T-Mobile network.
    • Thanks all. SA 5G is not important to me at this point.  The aspects of a Sprint-SIM phone, including having non-keep sites as a fallback is more important to me at this point. If one gets a new SIM card with a new phone purchase (as mentioned in my original post, such as Best Buy providing on Sprint's behalf or requesting it through the My Sprint app), will it be the Sprint SIM by default? (that is, if you don't request a specific type?)  Do TNX SIM cards need to be specifically requested? (either on an existing phone or an upgrade phone that is requesting a changeover to T-Mobile)  Also, for new Sprint SIMs that are not TNX SIMs, will those need to be changed out to a New T-Mobile SIM once the Sprint network is completely decommissioned and New T-Mobile is in place?
    • I had a tech try to switch me back to TMO SIM yesterday -- well, he actually did switch temporarily...and it wouldn't activate (at my home), so he switched me back to Sprint. I'm in the 3rd week of having a non-working phone unless I'm within range of wifi that is fast enough to have wifi calling connected. I had to call the store and explain to the tech that during the screen replacement that I had 3 weeks ago, it appears that an antenna wire was not connected because wifi works fine, but cellular doesn't hardly work at all..and the way it goes is: WIfi calling connects and works. VOLTE will connect and work. LTE will pass data but no voice calls...Roaming won't connect at all. At home, in range of the Airave (B41), i show on SCP that it's on the Airave...but soon as I place a call, it goes from 4 bars, 3 bars, 2 bars, 1 bar...then 1 bar of R...then the call just drops. Same for places where VOLTE doesn't connect and it's just LTE only...has the same behavior.  It's strange that my wife has the exact same phone..and hers will work fine but mine will do the 4-3-2-1, R, then drop.  I explained to the tech in the closest store...detailed my hours-long convos with various levels of tech and online chat..and told her that i just wanted a working phone...so, over the phone, she was nice enough to just order me a replacement. I told her that I had brought the phone in to have someone take it apart and verify everything was connected..but all they did was "run tests" on it and didn't do anything to the actual internals...which doesn't solve the problem. I was forced to use my Firstnet phone for the past 3 weeks and missed a couple of job interviews because the apps I put in were a day or 2 before I had the phone screen replaced due to stuck pixels. So I'm not sure who's tried to call...but unless it's been on wifi calling...they haven't managed to get me.
    • The only thing you get with a TNX SIM is SA. Sprint-SIM phones still have TMo as the primary, with keep sites filling in just like they do on TNX, but non-keep sites are available as a fallback (high priority roaming, basically). Oh, and you get CDMA (including 1x800) as a fallback rather than H+/GSM until CDMA goes away. The benefit of a Sprint SIM will decrease over time, but for non-5G there's still a benefit. You want TNX basically for SA (if you wind up in areas where n71 can reach but B2/66 can't) and NR CA at some point where you can get n71 and n41. That's...basically it.
    • I've found a couple more recently tagged Sprint keep sites that are really close to existing T-Mobile sites. It'll be interesting to see when these get converted if they get everything or mid-band frequencies only. 
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