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    • By pyroscott
      Without further ado, here is the official S4GRU FAQ. Hopefully this can answer your questions, a search of the site, or google search may also be able to find the answer to your question if it is not on here. Otherwise feel free to ask the members of S4GRU. The old saying says "there is no such thing as stupid questions" after all. Hopefully one of the other members can help you out.
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      S4GRU SITE FAQ What are the standards and expected behaviors of this site? See S4GRU Posting Guidelines thread.   Who are the administrators and staff who run this site? See S4GRU Staff thread   I haven't posted yet but I want to follow a particular post, thread or map. How can I? First off, welcome to the forums, second, don't be shy, post in the thread. This way you would automatically get a email reminder when new posts are added to the thread. If you still don't want to post and just follow, then just click on the "Follow this topic" button.   There are way too many map and device threads, is there a directory or index? Yes, just click on any of the the link to get to the list of… Directory of All S4GRU Maps Sprint LTE Device Release Dates History of Sprint Devices (coming soon) For Future use   How come I can only see a few maps and not the ones with more detail? We provide numerous maps showcasing the markets being upgraded to Network Vision. Some of these are very detailed and are only provided to members that have donated to the upkeep of our site. These sponsor and premier sponsor members get access not only to these maps but to other Network Vision threads.   Ok, I love what you are doing here, so how do I become a Sponsor/Premier Sponsor? Please see the Information about S4GRU Sponsorship levels and how to become a Sponsor thread.   I think a post is inappropriate, what should I do? Click the report button and leave a comment of why you are reporting it. This will alert the Moderating team, who will address the post.   I am a sponsor but I am unable to access the sponsor forums using Tapatalk. What can I do? You can add the S4GRU Lounge to your favorites in Tapatalk and access it through the favorites tab , or you can try out the ForumRunner app. Currently there is a problem with Tapatalk and the way they authenticate access to the protected forums, and they have stated that they are not going to fix the problem.   How do I attach a picture to a post? The thread "Adding images to Posts" shows you how to add images to your posts.  
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    • By site ID do you mean cell ID in the IPhone? If yes then sort of but you have to work to match the sites up. IPhone shows the cell ID in decimal (base 10) and the maps use androids and Sprints GCI in Hexadecimal (base 16). So you would have to convert the decimal number you have to hex.  I don't know if dkyeager is going to add a column for GCI in Decimal for you to make it easier. But it would still be difficult because Cell ID would fall in a range for a site like 140513792-141845060 for 086012xx.  How I got the range with google sheets if a column where to be added W4 is a place holder for the GCI column.  =CONCATENATE(HEX2DEC(CONCAT(W4,"00")),"-",HEX2DEC(CONCAT(W4+1450,"44")))
    • Pulled up field test and I looks like I’m bouncing between a B41 and a B25 site with db strength over -115db all the time.  Which makes sense why my coverage is trash. Does the site ID correlate to the maps on the sponser side? (I still haven’t been upgraded yet)
    • I would think that 25 upload along with 41+41 download would be the best possible combination. Maybe there is some type of issue with this that I am not aware of.  It just seems to me that this combination would make band 41 so much more valuable. This needs to be active everywhere and the sooner the better unless there is some issue that we do not know about.There should be plenty of upload bandwidth available especially with 10X10  band 25.
    • Running iOS, iPhone XS which is why I switch back to sprint. Their deal was insane. So no, I’m not running SCP. 
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