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iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Available

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Bit of bias there, don't you think?


It's definitely a great device. But I wouldn't go as far as saying it decimates every other device on the market.


Yeah, I jailbroke my first iPhone, on Cingular/AT&T. AppTapp, iLiberty. Installer.app. Back when Cydia was an alternate app store that no one used. Ah, those were the days.


Bias? I don't think so... But that's just me.


I had the first iPod touch and jailbroke it but my first real smartphone was a Motorola droid something... Had it rooted with cyanogen mod 6 or 7 which was cool but ultimately chose MiUi. I liked the interface better.


More recently I put cyanogen mod 10 on my sisters hp touch pad which is a ton better than web os.


Then I got an iPhone 4, jailbroke it and it is just more appealing to me. I'm sure the jailbreak community has a lot more variety and support than the rooting community (don't hold me against that). Now I got the 5 and I couldn't be happier with evasi0n.


So in the end it's personal preference. I liked my rooted android... But jailbreaking iOS takes the win for me. :-)

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    • Thanks! I build non carrier compliant but still compliant machines so if you need one before T-Mo builds one I am here.     
    • I just found this out myself on the s10e. Download the Samsung Band Selection app and you can set it back to wifi if you want. Dumb that there is no menu option for it natively.
    • So I got the Pebble from Sprint, I'm waiting for the damn VoLTE to enable. I harassed Sprint and they said it is a limitation of the device (which they still can't explain why) and waiting is the only option. They also told me every time there is a power failure the wait for it to enable begins again.... really? Does anyone know how it works and why there is a 2-3 week lead up to VoLTE enabling? So now my voice calls drop down to 1x and I can't receive MMS when I'm on a call. No problem I thought, I'll just switch to wifi calling for now and I can still get MMS over LTE while I'm on a call. Not so fast. For some damn reason wifi calling doesn't work on my SM-G970U1 (unlocked s10e) when I'm connected to the Pebble. If I turn airplane mode on, wifi calling pops right up. If I unplug the pebble, wifi calling pops right up. That leads one to believe the Pebble is preventing wifi calling from activating for some reason. However, my dad's LG V20 has absolutely no issue using wifi calling while connected to the Pebble and can therefore receive MMS just fine. Do you have any idea what in the hell could be causing this? Is this some whack setting on the s10e which I'm not seeing? Phone has the latest updates, 911 is updated, I did PRL and profile updates. I'm stumped....   UPDATE: So I found the answer in the wifi-calling menus and googling that took me to a post here. Apparently starting in April of 2020, Sprint decided it knows what is best for you so it sets calling over the network to preferred and only if signal is too weak will it default to wifi calling. There is no visible option in the phone to change that setting. I had to download Samsung Band app to set it to prefer wifi and bam.... now it is enabled. I'd still like to know WTF the Pebble is doing with VoLTE though.
    • LTE or LTE B? would be good.  I personally prefer to know that it is unknown.  Thanks!
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