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Hey Verizon, is Clearwire spectrum worthless or not?


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I was reading that and I noticed "Most importantly, to promote long-term competition, encourage auction participation, and prevent the further consolidation of spectrum below 1 GHz, the Commission should adopt rules that prohibit any licensee from acquiring more than a certain percentage of spectrum below 1 GHz, applied on a market-by-market basis. As we have noted elsewhere, adopting a spectrum-based cap equal to one-third of the available commercial mobile spectrum below 1 GHz would give bidders reasonable assurances that they can meaningfully compete for spectrum in a geographic area without the risk of only one or two of the largest carriers commandeering the entire market. Increasing the potential for successful participation will lead to increased participation by competitive carriers and ultimately increased revenue."


Watch out AT&T and Verizon?


I still question such a strategy as the change from 1900mhz propagation to 800 propagation is not a simple 4x multiplication in coverage area that can also be applied to 600 spectrum. 600 will be significantly better, and not all sub-1ghz spectrum is the same.


For example, I read a university publication on the potential benefits that CDMA 450 could have on American rural areas which stated that CDMA 450 covers (edit: fixed) 2.7 times the area of CDMA 850! It would be a mistake to consider these two spectrum bands in the same spectrum screening of capping 1ghz spectrum!




Source: http://tier.cs.berkeley.edu/docs/wireless/cdma450.pdf


I propose a more mathematically or perhaps empirically based system that considers the raw propagation areas (maybe build out cost for a given area) that better quantifies the true propogation value of spectrum as opposed to a simple greater than 1ghz or less than 1ghz system. This approach would see all spectrum fall under the spectrum screen to be judged fairly, and would better approximate the value of spectrum near what would otherwise be the 1ghz threshold.


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