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Sprint to Offer Full iPhone Insurance Starting Jan. 25


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F*ing Finally!




Own an iPhone and subscribe to Sprint? Prone to breaking things? We have good news, butter fingers.


Beginning Jan. 25 you’ll be able to sign up for Sprint’s total equipment protection (TEP) insurance plans. Engadget got a hold of the image above, and noted that you’ll likely be responsible for the $150 to $200 deductible should you end up damaging your iPhone. Hey, that’s a lot better than having to replace the device at full cost. Plus, the total equipment protection plan will cost just $11 per month.


The plan will be available for customers within the first 30 days they purchase the device. We’ll keep you up to date as Sprint makes this official.

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Pros: Lost/Stolen Coverage (not available from Apple), Complete Destruction Coverage, Jailbreaking Coverage, More total incidents than Applecare+

Cons: $150 Deductible for iPhone 4 and 4S, $200 for iPhone 5 ($49 for AC+) for cases of physical/liquid damage. $11/month cost is $264 over 2 years, opposed to $99 for AC+ ($4.13/month). Severe overlap with AC+ in services offered. Apple phone and in-store support typically superior to Sprint's for troubleshooting.


Other notes: TEP can be added for refurbished and second-hand devices (at point of activation), and follows the phone number. Applecare+ is only available on new devices, and follows the device.

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Apple care has came along way, but still have limitation of what is covered, and what is not. I always throught the TEP was the best option over Apple Care. For the longest Apple wouldn't cover shattered screens and water damaged, and that was the most common isssue with the iPhone. I'm glad Sprint finally has more than one option that you can use through Via Sprint.

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I'm not sure which is better.




I put Apple Care + on my device and for 99.00 and to get 2 instances of water damage/shattered screens for 50.00 was well worth it IMO. Plus, it extended the standard defective product guarantee.


It's also a great selling feature if you want to sell the device.

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Unless you believe the device will be stolen, why not go with applecare or squaretrade? 1 year of TEP @132+ 200 to replace a ip5 is 332. For that amount you could pick up another used android or ip4. My beef is with the deductible...sprint has let that swell beyond common sense. And I said 1 year because most of us dont carry a device longer than that and ive never believed phone insurance made sense after 1 year anyway.

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So us that bought the device a few monts ago are SOL?

Yes. That's what "No grandfathering previous purchases outside of 30-day window." means.


@JeffDTD - I completely agree. The deductible on these phones is ridiculous. $200 on a $650 phone? That's ~30%. That's like having a $10,000 deductible on a $30,000 car. Who's gonna agree to that?


Part of this, of course, is the fact that the "outright" prices of the phones are artificially inflated, which is what these insurance costs are based upon.


I remember asking one of my supervisors, after the TEP price increase, why the Galaxy Nexus was included. The Nexus was part of the $11/month + $150 deductible group due to the outright price being $549.99. I informed her that one could go to the Google Play Store and purchase the GSM/HSDPA version for $399.99, and that there's no reason the CDMA version should be $150 more. Never got a good answer on that one. And it's even more telling with the Nexus 4 going for $299.99, vs the Optimus G going for $549.99. That's $250 more, for (mostly) the same hardware!

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