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Protection Site Black List Alert! Sprint 4G (WiMax) will not be coming to these sad folks any time soon...


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Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 01 August 2011 - 10:47 AM



Protection Site Black List! These cities will not likely be getting protection sites. The reason is, in these cities Clearwire is already broadcasting on 2.5GHz. So they are meeting FCC licensing requirements for minimum coverages already in this spectrum. The problem for Sprint users, is that they are broadcasting their legacy Pre-WiMax signals here. Not WiMax. So your Sprint devices don't detect it!

  • Aberdeen/Hoquiam WA
  • Anchorage AK
  • Anderson CA
  • Bend OR
  • Carson City NV
  • Central Point OR
  • Chico CA
  • Chippewa Falls WI
  • Clarkston WA
  • Cohasset Beach/Wesport WA
  • Corning CA
  • Dayton OH
  • Duluth MN
  • Eagle River AK
  • Eau Claire WI
  • Fernley NV
  • Grants Pass OR
  • Hermantown MN
  • Klamath Falls OR
  • Incline Village NV
  • Jacksonville OR
  • Lewiston ID
  • Longview TX
  • Madras OR
  • Medford OR
  • Middletown OH
  • Minden/Gardnerville NV
  • Moscow ID
  • Myrtle Creek OR
  • Orland CA
  • Paradise CA
  • Prineville OR
  • Proctor MN
  • Pullman WA
  • Red Bluff CA
  • Redding CA
  • Redmond OR
  • Reno/Sparks NV
  • Roseburg OR
  • St. Cloud MN
  • Shasta Lake CA
  • Sisters OR
  • South Lake Tahoe CA
  • Springfield OH
  • Stateline/Kingsbury NV
  • Superior WI
  • Wenatchee WA

When Clear first started deploying their WiMax networks, they started with their Pre-WiMax markets first. Many, like Boise, Idaho and Jacksonville, Florida had their towers coverted from pre-WiMax to WiMax. However, about halfway through these conversions, Sprint started releasing WiMax devices and pressuring Clear to switch to major metro areas (which of course makes a lot of sense).


And then, as we all know, about halfway through the major market rollout, Clear started running into financial problems. Since they were running out of time to meet FCC Minimum Coverage Standards, they have largely abandoned Major Market Rollouts and running around and setting up Protection Sites.


However, the cities listed above are likely not to ever get protection sites. The Old Clearwire Pre-Wimax signals are still being broadcast in these cities, and they have pretty substantial coverage areas. So Clearwire is just going to jump right over them.


And since Sprint (and likely Clear too) are migrating toward LTE, it is likely these cities WILL NEVER see WiMax signals. Sad!


Cities the size of Dayton, Anchorage and Reno are secondary markets. This is a major oversight by Clear and Sprint. Tsk, tsk! Not to mention the major oversights of the primary markets of San Diego, Phoenix, Detroit, Memphis, Indianapolis, Birmingham...

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Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 14 January 2011


I have yet to verify this, and I am very skeptical that it is true. But my wife claimed that she was getting 4G WiMax at her work on the outskirts of St. Cloud. I tried to pick it up in several spots, including her work, and couldn't connect to anything. I think she was mistaken, but I'm hoping...


I know what grumpy old men would say about it... wish in this hand and crap in the other and see which gets filled first.

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Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 15 January 2011


Let us know if you come across a WiMax signal. I think you'll get LTE first, though.

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Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 15 January 2011


I figured I would see LTE before WiMax too. She may have just seen the 4G icon as it was trying to connect and thought it was connected...

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Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 17 January 2011


I haven't been able to get anything on my phone for WiMax. I think the wife is full of it...

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Personally I think it was dumb of Clearwire and Sprint to stop rolling out WiMax. If Clearwire were to roll out nationwide WiMax using a 20x20 configuration and a nationwide LTE network again 20x20 configuration with Sprint's checkbook. WiMax was already rolling good before Verizon's LTE Network started up why not keep the momentum and finish the job. 150 MHZ of is a lot for Clearwire with another 65 MHZ I believe from Sprint. this is a total over over 200 MHz. Think about 100 MHZ devoted to LTE from the 2.5, 1900 and 800 spectrum while 100 MHZ devoted to WiMax from the 2.5 spectrum. All I could imagine is 1 Gbps download speeds if not more.

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I'd say that list is mostly correct..


Long time no see. Welcome back!


Robert via CM9 Kindle Fire using Forum Runner

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Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 01 August 2011 - 10:47 AM


The problem for Sprint users, is that they are broadcasting their legacy Pre-WiMax signals here. Not WiMax. So your Sprint devices don't detect it!


Is it possible to use a different PRL on your phone to detect and use these legacy Pre-WiMax signals?

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Is it possible to use a different PRL on your phone to detect and use these legacy Pre-WiMax signals?


Wimax doesn't use the prl for anything.


Sent from my C64 w/Epyx FastLoad cartridge



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I will see if I can check some of the wimax sites here in San Diego... they are so few and far between and prefer my newer lte devices as a daily driver (still not seeing any LTE signals on sites that should be completed either)

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    • Initially T-Mobile was simply slapping n41 panels onto existing sites which meant that NR+LTE aggregation aggregated all available LTE bands with NR. Now, T-Mobile seems to be replacing 600/700MHz antennas every time they add n41 and as a result, the city is getting covered in split eNB IDs. On a local (legacy) 600MHz site by my home, when I connect to n71 it's n71 + Band 2 + Band 66 + Band 71 or Band 12 for a combined total of 50MHz of spectrum. However on my home site, because of the split eNB, when I force my phone to connect to n71 it only aggregates n71 + Band 2 + Band 66 for a total of 45MHz of spectrum. It seems weird that T-Mobile is allowing this to happen instead of fixing it so that they can squeeze as much performance out of their network as possible. 5MHz of LTE is not much but it's still an extra ~37Mbps of speed and capacity that could be provided in NSA mode. Interestingly this problem is not something I experience in LTE-only mode much anymore. My phone seems to have no issue aggregating LTE bands across the split most of the time.   Another thing that has been bothering me is that according to the FCC dashboard T-Mobile has 400MHz of spectrum in the 39GHz band here in NYC that they won in December of 2019 but they haven't done any upgrades to actually use that spectrum here. Instead they've been relying on the two 50MHz blocks aggregated together in the 28GHz band which performs worse than n41 on average.
    • Betting VZW trades that B12 to TMo for B66 eventually.
    • Confirmed that AT&T is running dedicated n5 here, at 10 MHz, by process of elimination. LTE is 10x10, and H+ is 5x5. They might be running DSS or n2 or n66 but I kinda doubt it. Guessing they aren't running H+ on every site anymore either; signal appeared a good bit weaker than the B5 LTE signal when I band selected to it. Also, B14 is pretty obviously not on every site here; signal levels at my place are comparable to B2 and, well, 700 should be a lot better than that. Explains why I wasn't seeing B14 aggregated normally. Though apparently they have 25 MHz of B66...one 15 MHz carrier, one 10 MHz.
    • I DM”d him on the 16th, no reply yet. Guessing he’s just too busy lately.
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