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Hello from Des Moines!


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Reading and following links recently while looking at available options brought me to this site. Sprint user for about a decade, hoping that 4G will hurry up and get to Des Moines.


A question: from an initial look, I can see I have catching up to do. Is there an FAQ or list of recommended reading so I can get up to speed and not waste folks' time asking basic questions long ago answered? Thanks.

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Welcome to S4GRU. Samsung recently started deployment in the East Iowa market ahead of schedule. They were not scheduled to start in the East Iowa and Central Iowa markets until Summer.


They have made a jump to East Iowa pretty early. They are probably preparing to start early in your market too.


Robert via Samsung Note II via Tapatalk



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    • What devices should do, and what they actually do, are two very different things! As you've probably heard me mention countless times, many of those screens get information in a proprietary manner directly from the modem; apps like SignalCheck can only get what the OS is reporting. I did find your earlier reports, and as I guessed, the OS was reporting valid signal strength. I will try to figure out a solution.
    • Service mode shows the SIM as having no service, so I would think the device should report that. I believe I sent a diagnostic report a little while back—can you check to see if you have it?
    • Interesting, that doesn't happen on my P7. Can you send me a diagnostic report the next time you see that please? Hopefully the phone isn't actually reporting the -115, that will be tricky.
    • Hey Mike—another dual SIM bug. If one SIM loses service, it doesn’t disappear from the app.  I’ve seen this a couple times—my Dish SIM will lose service (confirmed in service mode), but SCP won’t stop displaying -115 or so. And it logs a data point at that signal every time the location updates.  Along the same lines, I have a custom trigger set up for 313340 (Dish), and the custom trigger keeps firing when this is happening. 
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