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(At Least Some) EVO 4G LTE BlueTooth Connectivity Issues Possibly Solved???


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Hokay so... for weeks, I've been having trouble connecting my EVO to my 2011 Sonata. It would just hang and eventually come up with a wonky error message in a white box, saying it had run out of RAM and wanted me to convert memory, which ended up not working - but my wife's EVO *WOULD* connect. After doing some "helplessdesk" troubleshooting steps, I finally came to the assumption that my Bluetooth unit had died inside the phone, since 4 other people COULD connect to my car for BT & streaming via Pandora *kanyeshrug*. :wacko:


The tech guy at the Sprint store had trouble staying connected to a BT headset in the store as well, so he ordered me a new EVO for $35 (no TEP, but we're all still under the 1 year HTC warranty). I get the new unit today, pair it up and what happens? It starts to connect, but as soon as it gets to d/l my address book, what happens??? It HANGS AGAIN!!!!! :td: Once again, the wife's EVO pairs up fine. Ugh! *facepalm*


I go through all the BT options on the phone and can't really find any that would affect it. I start narrowing it down to something with the address book vs. possible limitations with vehicle BT / address book simplicity / limitations.


Suddenly, it dawns on me - my wife has no interest in (Google) linking her contacts, but I sure do, so I "unlink" all my contacts, go back out to the car, unpair and delete the phone out of my Sonata, and pair it back up... SUCCESS!!!! Pandora plays beautifully now, my address book has once again started downloading, and it pairs up to other BT devices as well!


If you are having ANY sort of BT issues with this phone and have Google Linked contacts, break the link on ALL of them and try what you were attempting before. I really hope this works for everyone out there since nobody's come up with a solution yet. Please let me know either way! :tu:

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So the BT connection locked up again yesterday morning. On the drive to work, I thought about what else was different that was so minor, it felt like I was reaching like a country song. :lol:


When I got to work, the only thing I could think of was that my phone's name was partially in lower case, so I renamed it with all uppercase letters and things seem to be fine for the drive home and back into work this morning with the exception of a quick drop here and there. That'd be pretty lame if the problem lied within my car's incompatibility with lowercase letters, but w/e at this point. If that's it, that'd be something else. At any rate, I figure those with BT problems are willing to try anything at this point, so there's one more thing to try.

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