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Connecticut Shooting


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As a message to everyone, if you would like to express sadness or condolences regarding the Connecticut school shooting today, you certainly may do so in this thread. But please keep potentially divisive beliefs and politics out of the discussion. The S4GRU staff respects your sympathy and appreciates your cooperation.



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I don't have any kids, but I cannot even imagine the pain and anger that these parent's and relatives must over come to cope with this tragedy. Especially now that there is nobody left to punish.


I'd jump in front of a bullet to save a strangers life. Yet, there's other people that shoot these strangers. Very sad.

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While the senseless death of anyone is horrible - to slaughter defenseless children and then take the chickenshit exit by killing yourself is about the worst thing anyone could possibly do. I'll respect the wishes of the board since this isn't the proper forum, but as the father of two I can barely stand to think about such tragedy and affect it will have on the lives of more than just the victims families.


There is no spot hellish enough for a coward that would kill a child.

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