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Sprint commercial


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Has anyone seen the commercial Sprint is running for the holidays? It features lots of cat and dog video clips. What kills me is that they are standard definition, with black bars on the sides. Why, Dan, why? These are simulated images! At least simulate HD!


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What you haven't figured out is every last one of those clips of the pets were shot by people on the street. The 1st cat, the owner was called up by the ad agency asking if they could use the YouTube video of his vocal cat, especially when the cat is hungry. It is most clips the owners of the animals shot themselves with exception of the polar bear which in all likely hood was shot by someone visiting a zoo. They are all amateur videos that were requested for use by ad agency. The guy with the 1st cat explained the ad but I can't remember where I read it this week.


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From a Labrador point of view. He hears the barking' date=' meows, and rodent squeaks and it's like yelling SQUIRREL!

It makes me look at the tube.

Maybe the ad guys are leveraging pet/person relationship. :rolleyes:[/quote']


My lab just gives a bored bark. She must feel like she needs to respond, but she doesn't want to expend too much effort.

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