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Verizon has LTE Roaming (edit: nope)


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I noticed this when I zoomed in to a US Cellular roaming area for Verizon customers.



It would be nice if they would do this for Sprint too.


Edit: they do the same thing in northwest oklahoma for Pioneer, but I expected that as Pioneer is an LTE in rural america partner. This USCC roaming is unexpected. Because of this, almost my entire state is LTE accessible for Verizon Customers <_<


EDIT 2 : see below, it's Sprocket Wireless.

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That does not make any sense. VZW LTE handsets do not support anything other than LTE 750 (band 13), for which VZW controls all of the US licenses. The only handset exception that comes to mind is iPhone 5.




EDIT: Mystery solved, see below.

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These carriers who participate in the LTE in Rural America program are nuts...or just looking for a way to sell out.


I think back to Pioneer Wireless and a poster on HowardForums, "ggore." Man, that guy irked me. He lives in rural Oklahoma in Pioneer territory but signed up with Sprint because he has an unhealthy attachment to the freaking iPhone. Then, when Pioneer stabbed Sprint in the back, he complained to high heaven because he lost EV-DO and could no longer permanently roam on Pioneer. So, what did he do? Last I heard, he defected to VZW and got an iPhone. He is permanently roaming on Pioneer with his VZW account. That is highly inappropriate, but some people just do not care. And he is likely not alone in that regard. LTE in Rural America lets out of market users sign up with VZW. VZW gets the revenue, while the rural carriers provide the service. Insidious. And many rubes are going right along with it.



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    • The DAS at LGA Terminal B actually has n41 at 100+20, but if you are deprioritized, good luck on the busy days, as all the bands are congested, even B41 and n41, with data being worse than 128kbps international roaming. It has SA active for n41 as well. The L train tunnel is actually 80+20 for n41, with SA n41 active. Speeds aren't anything compared to Philadelphia's DAS system that has n41 though. The gig+ upgrades are expanding, as eNBs 894588 (Sprint convert site) and 55987 can both pass 1 Gbps now. Clocked nearly 1.3Gbps on eNB 55987 today.
    • Hopefully this goes thru!  https://www.reddit.com/r/tmobile/comments/1211mh7/tmobile_files_another_sta_application_to/
    • Yup 80MHz C-band + 40MHz DoD for a total of 120MHz. They should be pretty well setup post-clearance. — — — — — Famous Verizon site on Atlantic referenced in this reddit post got moved to the top of the building next door. — — — — — Also looks like I mapped a T-Mobile oDAS node eNB 347812 in Brooklyn Heights. Streetview shows it as one of the CC nodes with no antenna on top as of May 2022 but this specific eNB was first mapped this month. I didn't notice that I mapped it until I got home but the range on it is significantly greater than the normal "antenna-less" nodes T-Mobile deploys. I'm wondering if it got upgraded to the new 5G oDAS design but I won't be able to check it out until next weekend.  
    • I didn't know they had access to 80 MHz of c-band that does change some things then once that's online
    • While I've been loath to update my Samsung devices past the May 2022 update to keep the Band Selection tool, I note that it looks like Android 14 is going to add Timing Advance for NR to the API.  (Was looking today as I have another Verizon A42 5G now that I'm going to unlock for T-Mobile, and wanted to figure out if I should let it update or not.)  Since I can technically make band changes from *#73#, on the A42 5Gs, I can probably live without the Band Selection tool if a later Android version adds something useful like TA values. I assume SCP will be updated to support that once it becomes publicly available.  The real question is whether or not the phones will support it.  My S21FE and A42 5G devices do on LTE, but I know the S22 and the A32 5G do not support it even on LTE, providing just zero in that field. - Trip
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