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Which data type will better reflect LTE strength?

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I'm noticing in my house, my CDMA signal strength is -100dBm, whereas my eHRPD is high 70s-low 80s. Anyone know which connection type will be more similar to LTE? I'm hoping its eHRPD. Lol



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The highest of the two will likely determine whether you get a usable LTE signal or not. Your 1x signal is probably weaker because the carriers colocated with the EVDO carrier you're on probably have a worse EC/LO ratio than the one your phone chose.

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The better of the two is the more likely indicator. However, it will be the final LTE signal after full deployment. Because a distant site that gets upgraded first may be the initial signal that reaches your home. And it may be very weak.


But whenever the site that the eHRPD signal is coming from gets upgraded, you will likely have a pretty solid LTE signal.


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The difference is 2. And the sum would be 14.


Sorry, I could not resist...





Haha. Is there not a difference other than 2? Does one pull faster speeds? Only reason I ask is because aosp ROMs on my gsiii connect to the 6 one, while Touchwiz connects to the 8. I don't know what the difference is, really and I don't see any noticeable difference in them other than 2.


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I figured I'd post this. This is upstairs in my house, looks like my home is made out of something that interferes with the RF.


I wouldn't mind seeing how fast LTE is upstairs, compared to downstairs. (Downstairs, I get around what's in the OP.)

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