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Will LG make the next nexus?


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LG, king of the low to mid-range android handsets is reportedly "heavily in discussions" with Google to make the next Nexus phone. Ramchan Woo, the leader of the company's smartphone division broke the news of their desire to be the next Nexus manufacturer to CNET. This COULD be a good thing, as LG has been doing more with less in their smartphones. The Optimus S is one of the longest tenured smartphones at Sprint and has unimpressive stats, but still manages to be a servicable handset. It might put LG in the elite group of flagship manufacturers if they secure this contract. If you are not a LG fan, fear not, as no firm commitments have been made yet.



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Haven't had any experience with an LG device.


Did you see they announced a 'phablet' also? The LG Optimus Vu. 5"in screen with a 4:3 ratio. Running the S4.

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