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Trojan horse hack of Android 2.2 gives hackers full control of your handset


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According to cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike, there is an email link making its way around. Once the link is opened, the virus takes over the phone allowing the hacker to listen in on phone calls and monitor the location, and have full control of the phone. The virus uses a flaw in Android's webkit browser to gain control. Currently it is limited to Froyo, but a Gingerbread version is coming soon. Hopefully Google's engineers can patch this vulnerability before it becomes widespread. iOS had a similar vulnerability exploited in 2009 but Apple quickly patched it.



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I use Lookout on my phone and it supposedly scans for this stuff. Been lucky so far.


Hackers will write new viruses or updates to existing ones to bypass programs like Lookout.


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I flash too many roms and reset my phone too much

To be worried about this stuff.


I have an online banking account seperate (sp?)

From my main account.


I would never put my main account online!


I also use lookout


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