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Is this a Network Vision deployment with 2 panels per sector

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I was driving by a sprint tower today and noticed that the panel configuration had changed. Seeing this I got a bit excited at the possibility of the tower finally being upgraded to network vision since current 3g speeds are about .20 download on a good day. Anyway, I got close to the tower and saw what appeared to be 2 or 3 rru's on each sector and what looked like 2 network vision panels on each sector, which I found odd. At this site sprint uses a shed, and I didn't see any new cabinets that belonged to Sprint. When I ran a speed test, my speeds were still slow and ping was through the roof, as usual. It wasn't broadcasting LTE either yet. So my question is: does it look to you like there are two network vision panels per sector? and does sprint keep network vision cabinets in existing sheds, or do they store them outside in a new enclosure? is this one of the 5% of towers that is going to have 2 panels per sector? Here some pictures I took of the tower, I may update with some better pics soon. By the way Sprint has its antennas at the very top of the tower.




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