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LTE Markets seen by Sensorly Users [2012-10-01 to 2012-11-03]

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In my experience, eHRPD vs EVDO has performed better with not only faster speeds, but 2-3x less latency. Even you said it yourself routing traffic in a different direction - that can mean faster in many areas, I have done speed tests on CDMA-Only as well as CDMA/LTE (which uses eHRPD) and I have been able to determine that it really is faster. Not saying the technology is that much different, but the fact that it will route through a different way using the eHRPD means is definitely a bonus for me, who used to get 50-300kbps regularly, I easily see 600-2500kbps. Also, that is not off topic if I am responding to how and why it works.

2-3x less latency? Don't see that one happening (sub-70 ms?). For me, latency is about the same, or maybe a little higher if anything.

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No it actually is sensorly.


I turn off wifi, turn on 4g. Open browser, Im fine. Open facebook, Im fine. Open sensorly....immediatly phone switches from 4g to wifi.

turn off force wifi on in Sensorly.


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I've been doing many Sensorly tests while out and about in the Downtown/Civic Center area of San Francisco, and have found some new coverage the last 3 days. Market Street near Hyde (SF Public Library area) has intermittent LTE (as in, it pops in and out of connectivity), and also along Grove Street from SF Public Library through City Hall area and into the park/garden of the Opera House and Herbst Theater. While the speed is slightly faster than Sprint 3G, it definitely is on par with what their 3G used to be like nearly 5 years ago - but thats slower than LTE should be anyway.


So if you look at the map in SF and see coverage from Civic Center to Hyde and then along to 11th, that was me... So awesome I can help contribute.

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