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4th Gen iPad Supports Sprint LTE


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    • I just pulled up my trails and they all have TACs listed. So no nulls, zeroes or -1's. But there is huge swaths of trails missing. It doesn't appear to log or at least keep any NR driving data unless it is NR only. If it's mixed NR/LTE, then the only thing appearing in the trails is LTE. I am also getting this error.  So it is seeing invalid TAC values, but then when I look at logs, it's like it's deleting them.  Robert
    • I wanted to get on with Genesis, but waited too long.  Just moved my line to BM and another to RP this week.  Experience switching to BM was fantastic though.  Hopefully through them I can at some point get a new sim, or go esim to ride on the Dish network when it exists.
    • Do you see the TAC displayed as -1 in the exported file or is it blank/0? I took a look at your upload on Monday at roughly 12:30 and I’m not seeing any non-valid TAC values - not even -1s, 0s or blanks…
    • Hey @mikejeep - I just shot you a diagnostic from my new Galaxy Flip last night. I’m not able to see Verizon n5 in-app when connected to a midband anchor. 
    • I'm having issues during a WiFi call where the caller can here me but I can't hear them. There are a few bug trackers on Google, but the problem appears to date back to at least early 2021. Appears to maybe also be a T-Mobile specific issue. I'd guess it's technical issues like this that caused them to discourage bringing the Pixel 5 onto their network. And why they didn't even sell it through T-Mobile in the first place. Anyone still here with a Pixel 5? Ever see this issue? Anyone with knowledge of the problem or insight? I'm about to just buy a different phone. Probably won't be a Pixel.
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