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Google Play 3.9.16 APK down load


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Think I will wait for that one to be pushed... Too touchy of an apk for my blood.


Sent from my C64 w/Epyx FastLoad cartridge



I totally understand, but I have down loaded the last one and had no issues with its performance and whenever their was an update it was no different than what came with the phone. I see this as being no different than the L13 update that people was pasting and down loading all around the internet. Some one got the update and posted it to Android Police and they post it as a easy to get down load.


For those that want it it is here and is also running on my phone without any issues!

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The hell with it... Giving it a whirl.


Nice, I see they brought back the all apps feature that shows all the apps you ever bought or installed.


Sent from my C64 w/Epyx FastLoad cartridge


Plus you can finally delete really old or apps you've tested from the all apps list

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