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Bluetooth 4.0 w/ multiple devices


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Not sure if this is the right place for this kind of question, but I thought I'd give it a shot.


I am going to buy a new Android smartphone soon and it will have bluetooth 4.0. I mainly use bluetooth to connect to my Toyota in-dash enTune system, so it is a voice and data bluetooth connection.


I also have an interest in using the new FitBit personal exercise tracking device. Their new model is bluetooth 4.0 so instead of having to connect it to your computer to download the fitness data, it communicates with an app on your Smartphone continuously using the new bluetooth 4.0 low power standard.


Here is my question....does bluetooth 4.0 allow multiple devices to communicate with the phone? In other words, while I don't really care if my FitBit is actually communicating with my phone while I am driving my car, I don't want to have to manually connect or disconnect bluetooth profiles multiple times per day when I get in my car.


Likewise, if I am walking around the office and the my Fitbit is communicating with my phone, when I get in my car I want my Toyota enTune in-dash to work without turning off my Fitbit connection and connecting to my car every time.


Does anyone know? Will this all happen fluidly and without my intervention? Thanks!

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Sure, but as I understand how 4.0 low power works, devices are basically "always" connected. They may exchange data at a ping rate of every 10 seconds or so continuously. IF that is true, then how does that work with multiple devices because you no longer have a situation where a device is on/off or in range and out of range. I would have a fitness device on my belt 12 hours a day constantly talking to my phone. So what happens when I get in the car and want to stream Pandora?


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My use case includes a Wahoo Fitness Blue HR HRM, which is a BT 4.0 low-power device. I can add to that BT headphones, or even hop in the car and use the car's BT stereo and handsfree systems and the Wahoo keeps connected. Maybe I misunderstand your question?



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Nope. You've got it. Perfect. I just needed to hear from someone that also has the same use case. I wasn't sure how the constantly connected fitness device would impact things. Thanks.


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