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Reasons people choose iOS instead of Android

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Per bollar's request, here is a topic for reasons to choose iOS instead of Android.


#1 I own over 600 free or paid iOS apps


#2 Everyone around me uses iPhones, so having one gives me access to iMessage, as some don't receive my regular text messages.


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(Reasons like "Android Sucks" & "iOS rules" or anything similar are not valid. Please do not post them. I prefer the customization of flashing different ROM's and their associated themes that Android phones have compared to iOS. So I'm not partial to either Operating System.)


I went from BlackBerry (10 year crackberry addict here) to Android and then to iOS. I'm a life long Mac user so the choice of iOS was a natural fit. I actually resisted the iPhone for a long time. My first iPhone was the 4s. Nothing integrates into a Mac environment like the iPhone (naturally!). I was sick of workarounds that broke down constantly, like using Google to get my BlackBerry or Android phone to sync with iCal and Address Book. Plus I was constantly fighting the funky re-formatting it caused.


I was quite the passionate fanboy with BlackBerry. I must have had a dozen models over the years. I've never been passionate about the iPhone like I am with just about every other Apple product, but the iPhone just plain works. Using iCloud to keep my Macs and iPad and iPhone in sync as far as contacts and calendar is wonderful. And it's instantaneous! Having that simple feature, and having it work wirelessly, is addictive.

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La Escuela! I use Splashtop on my Asus when I have to run Windows Specific programs. Granted it came free with my tablet, I would not pay to use that program. I find Macs very hard to use, especially when the right click is found by holding the Function or whatever button. That has nothing to do with iOS, but I think they have the same philosophy with iOS. Hidden functionalities (is that what that would be called?)





One of the first things to do when getting a Mac is to throw Apple's mouse as far into the ocean as you can, and immediately buy a Logitech mouse with a scroll wheel and two buttons. The one thing Apple's slick mouse design is great for is skipping it across the water like a stone. Getting back the ability to right-click on your mouse is like having a giant stone lifted off your chest.

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