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I know this concerns Verizon, but I found a couple of interesting things in the story:


- the Carrier line in About that says Sprint 13.0 is the version of the carrier profile/settings file

- you can tap on that line to cycle through your PRL version, ERI, NAI, and MSID.

- this file can be updated OTA. Presumably during normal usage it just silently updates next time you restart the device or whatever

- going to the About screen checks for an update

- apparently the carrier file can also specify network priority and routing settings - presumably this bug had the cellular interface set to a higher priority than the WiFi interface... Speculation is that it may have had the flag set to allow cellular when connected to WiFi, a feature pulled from the beta that was designed to prevent an interruption when the WiFi network was having issues by falling back to cellular data... But we don't know.





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