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Some days with this phone...


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Ok, so I've barely used my phone at all when I go to take it out of my pocket and it's smoking hot. The temp app says over 40 Celsius. I've been within 15 feet of the wifi router pretty much all day at work so signal should not have been an issue. It has gone from full off the charger to less than 50% with hardly any use. I set it on my desk and forget about it. I leave to go home and I try to turn on the screen and find that the unit is completely dead. No battery at all. Plug in the charger in the car and the LED slowly blinks for several minutes before going solid orange to indicate charging. I can finally boot it up and check my battery stats and this is what I see.




My battery just fell off a cliff for no discernible reason. The screen was barely on; no unusual wake activity and you can see that the device was idle for 6h 59m of the just over 7h it was on battery.


Today I've had similar usage, just not keeping it in my pocket and the battery looks like this;




This device is so baffling sometimes!

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Have you tried just doing a factory reset?


It looks like it was doing fine then something got hung up and just ran the battery til it was dead. You might try BetterBatteryStats to pinpoint the rogue app (my guess at whats causing it).

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Def not doing a factory reset at this point. It just does random stuff like that sometimes. If it was an app I would think that some unusual awake activity would be showing up but the awake graph is not showing anything unusual. The second set of schots shows more awake activity with less battery impact.

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Have you tried just doing a factory reset?


It looks like it was doing fine then something got hung up and just ran the battery til it was dead. You might try BetterBatteryStats to pinpoint the rogue app (my guess at whats causing it).


I second the BetterBatteryStats, it helped me tweak out my battery a TON! I sometimes use 20-30 all day at work on a horrible data speed tower. I think over at XDA the author has it for free over there.

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