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iPhone 5 scuffing? That's normal...


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ScuffGate! That's it, Apple is done! Game over man! ;)


I bought the black one knowing full well it would get scuffed up. I refuse to use cases. My 3GS got scuffed up like crazy and it had a plastic back just like most of Apple's competition. My work Dell laptop has an darkened brushed metal lid and it has scuffs. For that matter, every single phone I've ever had got scuffed up and dinged. This is just nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking.


If scuff marks bother you get the white one so they don't show up or get a case for it.

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My HTC Evo LTE has been case-less since I bought it on launch day and I've dropped it, put in in my pocket with keys, etc and I don't have any scuffs of the anodized aluminium parts.


I'm sure some scuffing should be expected but it does seem a bit odd that folks are reporting significant scuffing so soon after launch. I've had mine since July without any problems.

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Although I pretty much think this is much ado about nothing, all of these types of complaints, if they continue for Apple will slowly diminish the perceived brand excellence.


Robert via Samsung Galaxy S-III 32GB using Forum Runner

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At least the complaints aren't coming from anti-Apple folks in this case. It's actual Apple consumers who are having the problem.


It's not a dig against Apple on my part. I remember all the hardware concerns folks were having with the OG Evo upon launch. If I were an Apple die-hard, I would be being to wonder if the "small things" are indicative of a larger shift in the demand for excellence within the corporate culture. For years the company has prided itself on products that "just work" flawlessly right out of the gate and for superior build quality that justified the price premium. Now that prices for iPhones are coming in line with competitors you have to wonder whether some corners have been cut in build quality to compensate.

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I don't think so. Every first generation iPhone has had potentially significant flaws that were reported by Apple users.


iPhone 3G - hairline cracks along the edges of the plastic back; fixed in 3GS

iPhone 4 - "AntennaGate"; fixed in 4S

iPhone 5 - scuffing


What saves Apple is that they are very good about replacing phones for almost any reason. If it's truly a widespread problem, I suspect we'll see the reintroduction of the "Bumper" case, like we got for the 4.

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They will probably give out a zagg invisible shield out to cover the back and sides.


I have mixed feelings about scuffgate. 1st stuff scratch, it's a face of life. Plastic scratches, metal, etc. Also, I have only seen one video of scuffs that happened in normal light abuse, which was ifixit. The zagg video needed a dremel to show the scuffs, and they threw rocks and bolts at the thing. Another video had a dude making chopping motions on the back with no affect. Only when he actually stabbed the device did it cause chipping.

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