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EHRPD signal

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I Just noticed that my phone is now displaying EHRPD signal consistently here in the Bronx last night, and this morning. I seem to notice from the past that this signal frequency yields a faster speeds. I am in a faint signal area inside my home with signal being from 91-103-dbm. If I go upstairs the signal increases to -85dbm.. Sprint signal does not pass through brick walls that well.



800mhz LTE would solve this weak signal that I am getting am I correct. Because of network vision issues I am having issues with connections and some dropped calls since last August, and while doing a speed test standing outside I got a 76ms ping but speeds never could go over 1.5 mbs a second because of connections issues being reported as I was making the test. I am reporting that I think that network Vision is about to go live here finally in the Bronx.

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Sounds good, and actually -85dB is pretty good signal. That's about on par with what I see in my house in Jersey. I'm also seeing eHRDP all over the place in city, so hopefully things will come soon.

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