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Would you feel safe using NFC for payments?


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Google Wallet has been all over the news with reports that it is possible to hack the program and access the credit card numbers inside. Verizon and AT&T had previously said that they would be designing their own NFC payment apps but Sprint said they would be using Google Wallet.


Do these security issues turn you off to using NFC payments altogether? Google Wallet? Verizon or AT&T's apps? Or do you willingly accept the risk?

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I plan on using NFC in a big way. I have had my credit card number stolen and fraudulent activity occur to me 5 times in 15 years. I also take a risk every time I go to the ATM. Could get robbed. There are also many ATM and PayPoint scams out there at retail stores, etc. for people to gleen your PIN number.


I just gotta live my life. And the way I look at hacking, is that it will motivate Google and others to keep improving the security even farther. Just gotta keep on keeping on! There will always be crooks.


And can't you link your Google wallet to a credit card? That way you get the additional fraud protections of your credit card company.

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I use Google Wallet and actually think it's less risky then using your card just about anywhere.


What the most unsafe place to use a credit card.... a restaurant. You willingly give your card to someone you probably don't even know, they walk away and charge your account for the meal. Did they write the card number, expiration date and security code down? You may never know, months from now they can use that information and you will never know who got the number


I never load more than $50 on the Google prepaid card so if some lucky person does steal my phone they aren't getting much

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