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    • So I called Sprint, and they sent me a new Airave.  The GPS light is now solid without issue, but still flashing LTE.  It has been doing it for over 24 hours. Just tried a power cycle, will try a hard reset next to see if that helps, but then I guess its back to tech support for thoughts and ideas.
    • Yeah, you just kind of have to make them work. Phone line, tablet lines work too.  
    • Ahh I didn't know there were any T-Mobile plans/lines that worked for these modems. Was it a hotspot plan or just a regular line that you put in the modem? Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
    • In my search for a stronger signal for my HTC 5G hub, I was encouraged by this photo which shows two wires coming out of the back of the HTC 5G hub (photo 6 of 8 of the slide deck): https://www.macitynet.it/al-mwc-2019-htc-5g-hub-la-rivoluzione-degli-hub-5g/   So I removed the SIM drawer, then pried off the back cover.  The back cover comes off easily except down near the ethernet connector -- there I had to use some force to get the cover off. I was expecting to find a circuit board and perhaps some antenna connectors, but instead there is a fan and a cover.  That cover appears to be held in-place with jeweler's Torx screws.  My regular (slotted) and Allen jewelers drivers were either too large or too small, so I ordered a jeweler's Torx set from Amazon. More news to follow... Scott PS   I would upload a photo, but it appears that I've used up my photo allotment here and it says that my Max total size is 0.03MB...  
    • The line selected was not my main line, but a stationary WE826/MC7455. Definitely not near my billing address and the unit has no GPS so this tells us it was selected by the time of use on a tower that has capacity. The line averages 100Gb of usage a month. I will do a teardown.
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