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    • https://www.lightreading.com/cable/cable-wi-fi/an-inside-look-at-cables-mvno-business-model/d/d-id/752938? I know Charter has been including there Wi-Fi hotspots with every business account (on their own data link). 
    • https://9to5mac.com/2019/07/22/apple-acquire-intel-modem-talks/ I assume Apple would still wish to go after the masses rather than the bleeding edge.
    • The devil is in the details. Besides the revised deal, I will want to see both what the DOJ requires and what the FCC does with spectrum by county, phones, coverage, billing, and transition plus any other details. Then I can make my own judgement as to whether this is good national policy. Only when the transition is complete in my area will I be able to decide whether it is a good deal for me personally. My overall guess is it will be good to allow T-Mobile and to merge, uncertain on Dish, and I might end up with AT&T assuming my local Sprint sites are dropped based on current results.
    • I found 23 new permits for AT&T CRAN installations for Louisville, and I've found more installed that I can't find the permits for so the count is likely higher. Louisville just switched to a new permitting system and everything filed prior seems to be hit or miss on finding the permit.
    • Dramatic uptick in AT&T small cell permits has been noted in Columbus and Sacramento over the last few months, so Denver find is not surprising.  
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