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    • Now I know you're all thinking "Brad this is terrible!". It is both terrible and not terrible. Let's compare Sprint's data against the July 2019 report to see what's improved.  4G Availability has improved quite a bit (OpenSignal is very urban-heavy on it's data though, 4G availability should be considered availability in urban environments only). On the July 2019 report it was 89.5. On the January 2020 report it's 92.5. That's a 3% increase! Sprint's scores on the video experience metric have also improved. On the July 2019 report, Sprint scored a 47.5. On the January 2020 report, they scored 55.5. OpenSignal had this to say: We're going to break down the Download Speed Experience metric into 4G and 3G performance. Average 4G download speed on the July 2019 report was 21.1Mbps. Average 4G download speed on the January 2020 report is 25.9Mbps. That's a 4.8Mbps increase in average 4G download speed. Average 3G download speed on the July 2019 report was 1.3Mbps. Average 3G download speed on the January 2020 report was 1.4Mbps. The 3G speeds are what is dragging the overall download speed metric score down. Upload speed experience is going to focus on 4G speeds only. Sprint's average 4G upload speed on the July 2019 report was 2.6Mbps. Average 4G upload speed on the January 2020 was 3Mbps. A very small increase which shows that uploads still need a lot of work.  Latency experience will only focus on 4G. Sprint's average 4G latency on the July 2019 report was 55.1ms. Average 4G latency on the January 2020 report is 51.2ms. 
    • Brad!    NO... There is no time table.    The judge said he will try to make a decision as soon as possible. You picked up Phone Arena's headline ... that's their opinion. Here is what the judge said: (Feburary was not what was said.)    It may be, but it's not concrete.   What's next Judge Marrero opened Wednesday's hearing reminding attendees that, "there is life beyond the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint." He declined to say when he will return with a final ruling on whether to approve the merger, but said he would "endeavor to decide as quickly as possible." Sprint and T-Mobile make a final argument for why their massive merger should be allowed to go through
    • Sorry it took awhile to get back to you, I was digging through this thread and my emails to refresh my memory as to what you're referencing.. nothing is coming to mind?
    • There was never going to be a decision until February at the earliest. 
    • I thought we were supposed to have some news (a decision) by now? Did it get pushed back to February? 
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