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Sprint early upgrade promo


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Today (9/1/2012) received in snail mail a sprint flyer advertising early upgrade (for my phone#), offer ending 9/26/2012.


Pictured on the flyer are xprt (free), epic 4g touch (99), and evo4g lte (199).


While the 3 phones are listed in the fine print, I don't see anything that specifically states they are the only phones offered for early upgrade, even though I suspect that is the intent.


I have an evo 3d and my current contract ends 6/2013, so this is a pretty nice deal, even if limited to those phones.


Regarding the promo end date, I suspect it means either;


- iphone5 will be announced prior to 9/26, but won't be available until after 9/26.


- iphone5 will be available prior to 9/26 and promo-eligible customers may be able to talk sprint into applying the upgrade promo to the as yet unannounced iphone5.


In any case, I think the date is significant in some manner.

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Wow, I wish I can get this offer too. My contract will be expired on 6/2013 too. I have Motorola Photon 4G. Do you mind taking a pic of this offer and upload to this thread?


Ya that would be sweet...my contract ends about the same time.


Would love an early upgrade too.


KCT - "No Matter Where You Go, There You Are!"

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Every so often when I just glance at this thread title, it appears to say "Sprint early upgrade porno," which might not be entirely inaccurate, considering how much members of this site lust over new handsets.



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in the small print under the 'hurry offer ends', you can see that it says direct connect and pre-owned devices excluded, which infers to me that you can upgrade to other phones not listed.

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finally got around to checking my sprint account online;


clicking my contract details

Your agreement with us, which started on 06/24/11, will be completed on 06/23/13.


clicking my sprint > upgrade

You qualify for 2-yr agreement savings on a new device for ###-###-#### as of 09/01/2012.

You'll need to sign up for a 2-yr. agreement.

Whether you want something new or maybe pre-owned, Sprint has options for you.

Upgrading to select certified pre-owned devices may not require you to renew your agreement with us or use your upgrade discount. Learn more.

pretty awesome deal if you qualify, I am likely to pickup the iphone5 until/if the next nexus has dual band lte, then sell or swap with a family member

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